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Sour Patch Kids Jellybeans

The novelty jellybean train keeps on rolling, and today’s entrant are Sour Patch Kids jellybeans. They are basically bean-shaped versions of the sour, chewy gummies. They have a bit of a harder (but not really hard at all) shell to them, and they don’t have the little powdered sugar coating you usually associate with them. That’s good, because it means no pile of sugar crystals in the bottom of the bag to make a mess.

The taste is pretty good. They definitely taste like Sour Patch Kids. The shell has just enough crunchiness to get that jellybean feel. I mean, they’re pretty nice. I like them. Can’t find much to complain about except they don’t seem very common around me. I found them at Stop and Shop, and neither Shaw’s nor Hannaford’s carried them.

These little guys would probably go well on top of ice cream or in a milkshake/blizzard concoction. They’re not too chewy and they probably get cold very well without breaking your teeth. I’ll have to give that a try sometime.

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