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Seems like I’ve been doing a bunch of soda related posts these days, haven’t I?

I’ve been clued in by SI Sportswriter Joe Posnanski about this new doohickey that sounds kinda infomercial-y: the SodaStream. By combining a base thingy, a carbonation bottle, a syrup bottle, and a special container (either plastic or glass), you get your own homemade soda. You could also make seltzer, sparkling water, etc. too. The idea is interesting, but the startup costs are pretty high. The basic kit model with two soda flavors, two bottles and a carbonation can is $100. The barrier of entry on this thing is pretty high, but I suppose if you do the numbers you will probably come out ahead on the first year you own it. It all depends on how much soda you drink.

The flavor selection seems to be pretty good – they hit all of the major ones. Colas, lemon-lime, a Dr. Pepper taste-alike, a Mountain Dew riff… there’s also a few unique ones like lemonade and cran-raspberry. Of course, all of these are available in diet flavor, too. There’s also a variety of “light” syrups for seltzers.

If an enterprising third party decided to make special novelty syrups (for, say, mixed drinks), that would be neat, but this whole thing seems predicated on the SodaStream vertical monopoly. Special bottles, fizz containers, and syrup containers have got to rack up on the margins for them.

This is something that I’d almost expect to see at Sharper Image. Too bad they’re dead. Is there nowhere that I can see a demonstration of this doodad in the greater Boston area?

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