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I’ve been reading Digital Photogrpahy Review for the better part of eight years at this point. The site’s clearly aimed at enthusiasts, and it colors what they write considerably. Take this line here from their preview of the NEX interchangeable lens compact camera.

Our real disappointment with the automatic mode is that it does nothing to encourage you to learn about what it’s doing. Something as small as highlighting the aperture value when you adjust the ‘defocus background’ option would at least hint at what parameter was being changed.

Here’s a clue, guys – most of the people buying these cameras have zero interest in knowing what they’re changing in Auto mode. It’s for point and shoot upgraders who want better image quality but aren’t quite ready for the leap to a “big camera.” Auto is meant to be brain dead easy. Change it to Program mode if you want a more transparent automatic mode. Truthfully, if/when I buy it, the thing is most likely to stay in Program mode most of the time. There’s a time and place for the big camera, and for the small camera. Odds are I’m not going to want to dick around with a bunch of settings and go with a more automated small camera, and I’m an enthusiast user!

The focus on what things can’t do in a lot of reviews today, be it cameras, iPads, whatever troubles me. It’s really easy to tear something down when writing about it. It’s difficult to think of new and exciting things to do.

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