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Meandering Monday

I haven’t been posting very long/in depth blog posts lately. I should change that at some point. The problem with the updating-every-day thing, as good friend Ricky pointed out, is that many days there just aren’t interesting things going on, or I’m too busy to write a long, verbose post.

Over the weekend I enjoyed a trip to Connecticut. I had to visit my uncle, who had a dinner I needed to attend. In-between I spent time watching planes at Bradley Airport. BDL was the first airport I visited when I was a young-un, and half of it, Terminal B, is slated to close. I still vividly remember my brother leaving on Delta in 1994 to go to Montana during the summertime. It was the first place I ever tried dried apricots, since we bought them at the news stand. This was back when anybody could go gateside, assuming you could go through security.

This weekend I actually peered into areas further unknown to me, at least, that I could remember. Someone had left one of the storage room doors partially open, and I snuck a peek. Apparently one of the old airport shops (duty free?) was converted into a storage area for TSA and other airport ops stuff. I didn’t take a picture of it, as my camera couldn’t fit through the small opening, but it was intriguing, to say the least.

The entirety of terminal B is an anachronism, given that it was built before jets in the 1950s. Two wings were quickly glommed on to account for the new bigger jet aircraft that came into service afterwards. Even though it got a facelift in the 80s, underneath the veneer it’s still an old building. A Delta sign which was recently (or not?) removed left a visible light spot on the wall carpeting. Yes, terminal A is new and shiny, but it doesn’t seem to have the same character as Terminal B, which has evolved over time. You could walk in terminal A and think it’s any airport in the US… of the 2000s. Terminal B was probably very similar to other airport terminals of its time too. The growth and gloms of the years gave it a strange character that was distinctly Bradley. With the last airside operations at the terminal to conclude this week, a bit of that charm is now gone.

There’s a great BDL flickr group that has some good vintage photos of the terminal. Every time I visit I’ll have to get a few more until its eventual demise.

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Dirty Windows

Right now I’m sitting in the soon to be decommissioned terminal B at Bradley Airport. Pre-security there’s a nice window next to the now closed sub shop. This window overlooks some of American’s gates (as well as former Air Canada and TWA gates). It’s one of the best places to watch at BDL, and its days are numbered. But, until its demolition, I can watch airplanes in peace at these two big panes of glass. The problem is that people can’t seem to help but want to touch the glass with their fingers. Here’s a tip, people – don’t touch glass with your fingers. It leaves fingerprints and stuff behind and it ruins the experience for everyone else.

Today, though, I had a brilliant idea. Why don’t I clean the glass? I stopped in a nearby (very old) bathroom to grab some paper towels. I dampened one up and left the other dry, and wouldn’t you know it, the window cleaned up just fine. I’m now enjoying a clean window in peace.

But please – I don’t touch glass. You shouldn’t either. Don’t dirty the world’s windows. It makes them sad!

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