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One of my favorite applications on my iPhone is Shazam. It was one of the first ones I downloaded, and it’s solved a problem I’ve had for years. I could be in a store, or listening to the radio, or SOMEWHERE that a song was playing, and not know what the song was. Curses, I’d think to myself, as I know I would forget the lyrics or there was no practical way to identify the rhythm. The song would be lost to the vagaries of time until the stars crossed and I heard it again.

Thanks to the convergence of technologies that are modern phones (a microphone, internet connection, and computer), we can record the songs as we hear them and have some distant machine analyze them and tell us what the song is! This has been so incredibly useful to me that it’d probably justify the purchase of the iPhone all by itself. You don’t know how many sleepless nights I had where I had a song stuck in my head but could not identify it.

Now that this problem of mine has been solved, it’s freed up so much time that I’ve been able to dedicate myself to new pursuits. Things like crafting tiny model spaceships inside of gigantic glass bottles.

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