The Effectiveness of a Reminder

I love the little multi-info display on my new car. It has a trip computer on it, and with the trip computer brings an instant Miles-per-gallon readout. I’ve found lately that I’ve been trying to game this little meter, figure out its quarks and how it reacts to poking around in the city.

Currently, my overall gas mileage is terrible because I have a very short commute with six stoplights. Plus, it’s winter gasoline, it’s colder out in the mornings, et cetera. Once summertime rolls around, I hope to get around the 22 MPG baseline for city driving with the 3. For now, I’ll make the best of a bad situation. The car has plenty of power and a light foot’s all that’s necessary to get it going. It’s a lot like my old car in terms of off-the-line response since it does have a lot of lower end torque. The main difference is that it uses less gas overall because it’s a lighter car with a smaller engine.

I just wish the little screen could display even more information. It does tell you which door is ajar, for instance, but why can’t it tell me useful information like the engine coolant temperature, oil pressure, transmission temperature, et cetera? Two steps forward, one step back…

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