Disney Needs A Life

Where, exactly, did this Mars Needs Moms thing come from, and why am I hearing about it all of a sudden? Apparently it’s based on a Berke Breathed book. You know, the guy who created Opus and Bill the Cat. But it doesn’t look anything like something he would do, and that’s due to the fact that Robert Zemeckis and his bizarro real CG team are on the case.

If you’re basing your material on the work of a great artist like Berke Breathed… why not use his art style? Maybe A Wish for Wings That Work turned him off from being involved. I don’t know. All I can see is that this looks like one of those films that nobody really asked for but is being made through the motions to have something, anything, in place at a dead time of March.

It just doesn’t make sense, I tell you, especially after having guys like Lasseter in charge. Oh well. I’ll just hang tight until Cowboys and Aliens come out, because that movie will be awesome. James Bond and Indiana Jones teaming up? Hell yes.

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