It’s Easter time… in February.

Yep, with Valentine’s come and gone, the next “seasonal” shelf item at the supermarket is Easter candy. Easter is coming late this year, on April 24. So we’re going to have a nearly solid two months worth of Easter stuff on the shelves. Spring hasn’t even sprung here, no matter how many times I have hummed “Winter Wrap-Up.” If people think having Christmas stuff on the shelves right after Halloween is creepy, this is probably just as bad.

However, it does mean one important fact, and that’s the glory of jellybeans. Yes, the variety of jellybeans has exploded over the past few years, and we now have a new flavor of Starburst ones. They’re basically two flavors in one bean – the shell is one flavor, and the interior is another. Kind of like those crazy core Skittles, except… jellybeans.

The verdict, of course, is that they’re awesome, because Starburst jellybeans are awesome. They’ve somehow made peach candy palatable, and for that, they deserve my utmost praise.

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