Who Made Who?

Another non-sequitur post title for you today.

The interior quality on my Mazda 3 is really top notch. It feels like a much more expensive car, except in the very few places where corners were clearly cut. Namely, the sun visor. It’s hard plastic – no soft-touch wrapping at all. Is it a lot stiffer and firm than my old car’s cardboard-wrapped-in-felt? Yes, but it’s so hard that I wonder if I’d bop my head against it and actually hurt myself.

The other very chintzy feeling piece is the silver trim piece on the bottom spoke of the steering wheel. It’s just silver-colored plastic, it’s hollow, and it just doesn’t feel right, especially compared to the rest of the wheel. For an interior that screams upscale, why would you cut a few cents off of these two parts, ones that people will touch and feel countless times during the lifetime of the car?

My advice would be to replace the silver trim piece with a leather-covered piece and actually put some kind of soft-touch material around the  sun visors.

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