Fixing Things

One thing I’ve been working on lately is doing a re-record and re-play of NES Bionic Commando for a new Let’s Play. The original one I did four years ago was in the first wave of video LPs. Tons of rough edges, problems, etc. So I decided to go back and just redo the thing from scratch.

It’s not too difficult to do that, obviously. Just re-record it, talk over it, done. It felt like a big chore, though. Will re-doing it really be that important? I think so, because one, the emulator I’m using now is a bit more accurate in terms of color/gameplay, and two, I’m less of an idiot when commentating. The playthrough is just all-around cleaner.

I’m going to need an all-new game to play through, though, and I think it’s going to be Wii A Boy and His Blob. Now, the difficult part is recording the Wii properly…

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