I am done with winter.

Dear old man winter:

Bite me.

All this snow, and cold? I’ve had enough of it. Go back to your hole, or something. You’re not welcome here anymore.

One way to warm myself up during the winter is to spend time play video games. Like, say, Castlevania, which had an interesting level drop today. Chapter 10 of Harmony of Despair is basically the original NES Castlevania in one gigantic level, all of the bosses included. It’s not too bad, all things considered… until you get to The Count. Holy shit is he hard. We die, die and die again. His attack pattern is quite brutal.

In short, I think Dracula’s cursed me. There is only one way to lift the curse, of course, and that is to… kill Dracula. I’ll get back to you on that one.

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