So we’ve managed to get not one, but two levels of Castlevania DLC in the span of eight days or so. I haven’t even mastered Legion and the things in his level yet, and now we have Beelzebub and his fucking flies. I’m convinced whoever made this level was a sadist, what with the trap filled “shortcut” around the side of the castle.

Plus, we now have winged boots, but with stats! That’s right, the Sonic boots, after spending all that time trying to get the regular winged boots, there’s new ones to get. You sly scoundrels, Konami!

Plus, the DLC train doesn’t stop, because in the next two weeks we’re getting new levels. Alas, I think there might be a break from Castlevania because one of the hotly anticipated sequels of the year will be out around that time. If you guessed Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, then you guessed correctly. Can’t wait for mustache Rad to rock the place.

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