Prickly Parking Practices

I generally have to park on the street where I live. The parking “lot” behind my building is diagonal parking, which would normally be fine… if both driveways were clear. Alas, one of my neighbors gets to park in the driveway for their spot. What a drag. Unfortunately, when it snows, the city declares an emergency that there is no parking allowed on any city streets. None at all. So if you’re one of the losers like me who parks on the street, you need to find an alternate place to shove your car.

Your choice is one of the municipal lots in town. There are a few lots that have covered parking, which is invaluable in a snowstorm. In the years I’ve lived here, I’ve become a parking pouncer. Nabbing one of those precious covered spots is an art, I tell you!

You could look like a dope circling around the interior, waiting for someone to leave while you spew gasoline. Luckily, right next to the covered garage are some opened municipal spots. Just park in one spot that has a view of the covered area, turn off the ignition, and wait. Likely within fifteen minutes someone will arrive and peel their car away. That’s your turn to strike. Most people will just give up after a few circles. Not us pouncers!

You might posit that the time I spent shoveling my car out of one of the uncovered spots may actually be lower than the time spent waiting for a free spot. You might be right. But I hate shoveling my car out of snow, and there’s always a risk that snow will drift underneath and give my low clearance car trouble. It’s best to just wait things out to get a covered spot.

Now the question is – will I have to get my butt out of bed tomorrow morning and go to work? We’ll see…

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