Backdating 101

I’m not sure how I feel about writing a backdated post about backdating. In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, I’ve been sort of slacking on the blog front. I blame this on copious amounts of video games, post-Christmas hangover, and work. Yet the old backdate makes it all better, like I never missed a beat.

The trouble is that I find I’m running out of things to talk about… or I’m losing enthusiasm for writing about things. Either way. I’m not sure what to make of it. Writing every day sounds like a good idea, until you realize that the push for doing something every day sort of takes away from the body of work as a whole.

Hey, I’m looking at new(er) cars. How about that? My Firebird’s fourteen years old this year. I think it’s about time it was retired to the great fourth-gen graveyard in… Wellesley. A shame, really. For all its faults, it was my first real car that I bought with my own money. It’ll be a bit sad to see it go.

When will it go? I don’t know. Maybe later this year. Maybe February. We’ll see.

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