Curse you, snow!

Due to this blizzard that’s hitting the northeast as I type this, I was deprived of a delicious, home-cooked ham dinner. My mother makes delicious ham, hand-glazed with delicious baked-in garlic flavor. This is not the first time snow has thwarted delicious foods, of course, but it just feels wrong. Heck, I might not even go into work tomorrow, given that it’s supposed to snow all day on Monday.

Let’s not let snow get us down, though. Here’s one thing snow can’t thwart – Donkey Kong Country Returns. I need more games like this. It totally gets what makes DKC awesome, and the game hits all of the right notes. It just has one critical flaw – you can’t use the classic controller. Having to do waggle motions to roll or ground pound is a bit irritating. Still, that’s basically the only negative I can think of for the game. If you own a Wii, you must buy this game. There’s no reason for you NOT to own this.

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