The Worst Cheez-It

Believe it or not, there is a flavor variant of Cheez-It that I do not like. It’s the low-fat Cheez-It. There’s something about it that just… isn’t right. They must have reduced the fat content by using less cheese, because it just doesn’t taste right. There’s something… off about it. Like the soul had been sucked from the Cheez-It.

I do love Cheez-It Party Mix, but it has one flaw – it’s full of pretzels. The ratio of Cheez-it to other stuff is not good. Plus, why do they always put in these ridiculously hard to crunch rye chips? These things wind up in tons of snack mixes and I can’t recall anyone in my group of friends who ever eat them whenever I put out a bowl of snack mix. They’re the black sheep of the snack bowl.

Also, I love Hot and Spicy cheez-its, but either I’ve developed a super tolerance (which is entirely possible) or they’re nowhere near hot and spicy anymore. I’m banking on the latter… or that they never really were to begin with. If only we could have truly hot and spicy Cheez-Its, like if you got the guys who made Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and let them loose on Cheez-Its…

Damnit, now I want Cheez-Its.

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One response to “The Worst Cheez-It

  1. Colin

    Cheese Nip supremacy.

    Okay no I couldn’t get through that one with a clear conscience. Cheez-Its are the best cheese-themed cracker.

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