Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

The state of Massachusetts drives me absolutely bonkers with its lax schedule of painting stripes on its roads. Route 128 is four lanes wide, and when it’s dark and rainy, you can’t see any of the stripes because all of the ones on the road have faded away to nothingness.

It is a SAFETY issue, people. If you can’t see the stripes, how the fuck do you know where you are? Stripes contribute to sight distances at night, and if you can’t see more than fifty feet ahead of you due to no stripes, how the Hell do you expect to be able to see far enough ahead to go fast?

Painting stripes should be a bi-annual thing, maybe tri-annual at the worst depending on the snowfall and how much the snowplows are out. I can’t remember the last time the majority of route 128 was striped. Unfortunately, Massachusetts seems to stripe only when they completely resurface the road, and that’s something they do even less these days.

Cheap bastards.

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