The Marvelous Misadventures of Florida

So here’s a short summary of silly things that happened in Florida.

* We recorded all of Subspace Emissary. I think I ran out of things to say about 3/4 of the way through. I hope it doesn’t reflect as poorly on me as my sudden bout of hiccups… though I think the hiccups were funnier than my commentary.

* A new verb has been coined. Bridged, v, To be cut off by a drawbridge. Can be used to indicate a blocking action. E.g., “When Ricky cut off Dan in Sequence, he said “You just got BRIDGED!”

* Peanut butter pie is delicious and I will hear no ill words against it.

* I’d like to write an internet video series called “Will He Fit?” starring Ricky’s dog Edgar. The gist of the show would be finding various ways to fit Edgar, a small white dog, into various containers. We even have a catchy theme song already. Yes, it is basically Will It Blend, but with dogs fitting into containers.

* Recording a two person LP in person is, shockingly, more difficult to set up, but works surprisingly well once you get it going.

* My bag came off the baggage carousel at the airport first. That never happens, yet it did. Life is fair sometimes.

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