Going to Florida.

I’m going to Florida for the next few days. I have never been to Florida. Blog posts may be late, but they will still be coming.

I somehow managed to lose my duffel bag. Don’t ask me how I did this. I had it with me when I went to Montana in July. I swear I put it in my storage closet. Went to get it today, gone. Not there at all. Not in any of my rooms or closets, in fact. So I wound up having to go to Target and buy a new duffel. Thankfully, these $30 roller duffels are actually better than my old duffel in terms of storage space/compartments, and it comes in a stylish blue on black color scheme. Overall I’d say I’m pleased with it. Yeah, I’m $30 poorer, but my old duffel was a cheapie, so I guess I don’t feel any real loss.

Anyway. Maybe I’ll post more segments from my story. You never know!

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