No good things to write about.

If you’ve been reading the past few days, you might be able to tell that I’ve been half-assing most of my blog posts. I blame NaNo, because I’m spending most of my writing time on that.

So let me take this newest half-assed blog post and mention how awesome BlackRapid support is. I complained about my Coupler jamming up all the time when attaching the camera. They sent me two new ones which fixed design flaws overnight. I don’t know why they sent me two as I only have one R-Strap, but hey. The new one fixed the problem perfectly. They even sent Tony a completely new R-Strap when his webbing started looking funny. Those guys are good people. You don’t get that when you buy a knockoff R-Strap.

Also, over the next two weeks I’ll be having two long weekends in a row, so expect even more poor attempts at posts. Toodles!

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