A new theme!

So today I was informed that pressrow was being retired and was being replaced with this new theme, Pilcrow. Deciding to be proactive, I changed to this new theme ahead of time. Things don’t seem too different, but I noticed there’s many more customiation options. There’s also some refined visual tweaks going on here and there. Overall, it still keeps things classy.

I like having stuff up here on wordpress.com. The only drawback, as far as I can see, is the lack of extra plugins. I’d like to get a Smugmug plugin installed because the Flickr one is kinda blah. Maybe some day if they are an option I’ll figure out how to do it. I remember the days when I would tinker around with internet stuff… it seems I’ve lost the patience for it, what with real jobs and life to deal with.

Also, I guarantee this will brighten your day.

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