Peer Pressure Wins Again

For the first time, I am attempting to do something for National Novel Writing Month. I’ve written a lot of junk before, but never in such a compressed time frame. But I’ve written up a kind of skeleton plot in advance of really working on this. 50,000 words is a big number, but not an unreachable one. Since I have a tendency to be verbose, often to my detriment, reaching the word count isn’t much of an issue. The bigger issue is actually executing and getting the job done, as it were.

I think the right strategy is breaking it down into component parts. Every mile begins with a step, after all. The first was getting a skeleton plot done, which I just did. The next thing to do is actually start writing, which I will commence tonight. I don’t know how well I’ll do on it, but I won’t know if I don’t try, right?

Also, I blame Ricky who is very good at peer pressuring me into things. Does this make me a copy-cat or just weak willed? I don’t know.

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One response to “Peer Pressure Wins Again

  1. Avatar_Mom

    I think this is just the excuse you need to get out some more of your creative ideas :) Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing. Hey Ricky, thanks for pressuring him <3

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