Mister Mojo Risin’

The Doors DLC for Rock Band has to be the best DLC we’ve gotten in a long time. Namely due to pro and keyboards support, naturally, but because the Doors are just that damn good. Playing L.A. Woman, cranking up the sound, and belting along with mister Morrison while banging on the keys is probably the closest thing to perfection you can get with music games right now. I bet it would be even cooler with a big 88 key keyboard.

I wonder what Jim thinks about this from beyond the grave. He’s probably too coked out to care.

Also, what’s with going back to the 707 when getting the jet? In Rock Band 2 we got a cool DC-10. Not that a 70 is bad, mind you, but… nobody flies them anymore! It would be far more appropriate for The Queens of the Sky to have a 747.

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