I admit that I am not a big Sherlock Holmes fan. It’s not that I don’t like it, see, but more that it’s always just been there. My coworker is a huge Sherlock fan, in the same way that I’m a huge Bionic Commando fan. Anything at all to do with Sherlock Holmes, and he’s on it. So when this new Sherlock series produced by the Beeb was out, he just had to have it. He shared a bootleg DVD of it with me, which I proceeded to watch in one long Saturday marathon. It was indeed interesting. Now the series is airing here in the United States in full HD glory, and I highly recommend that you watch it, even if you aren’t particularly interested in Holmes. The writing’s well enough that I think it would entertain most anyone, even if they’ve never heard of Holmes at all.

It does look a lot better in real HD than in a bootleg, that’s for sure. I also think the soundtrack is a bit underappreciated. It’s very British and trying to invoke a Victorian feel, yet is too fleshy and betrays its modern composition. I’d issue this series as highly recommended.

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  1. Avatar_Mom

    Here here! I cannot say enough good things about this series and can’t wait till next year. I am in love with and equally hate Sherlock. Its brilliant, though there are tired bits going around that could get old. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m wrong.

    I think the way they incorporate many of the modern elements into the show is ingenious. For instance, I was really charmed by being able to ‘see’ certain text messages amd various things being worked out in Sherlock’s head. (hopefully I didn’t just give out a spoiler there).

    They definitely paint him as a sort of sociopath savant. It’s so wrong the things he delights over, but the writing actually wraps you in his thinking, causing you to want to know the things he wants to know (no matter how wrong).

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