I set up a demo server for Return to Castle Wolfenstein tonight  in preparation for Saturday’s Let’s Play multiplayer session.

I had forgotten how much fun the MP of this game is. Even just playing mp_beach and TrenchToast was such a huge blast from the past.  Getting seven or eight people in and getting some semblance of teams? Even more awesome. It’s a shame that when I log into Vanilla Wolf MP that there are absolutely zero servers left. There’s a ton of active Enemy Territory servers, but those aren’t quite the same. I preferred some elements of vanilla wolf, like the venom. The portable MG42 is not the same.

Not that I didn’t enjoy Enemy Territory on its own. It just wasn’t the same as RTCW because too many things I liked had changed.  It tried to make Wolfenstein into Battlefield, and I didn’t much care for that.

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