So today I went to GameStop to give them $10 to put on a deposit for Rock Band 3’s keyboard bundle. This is not unusual, except that every time I walk into GameStop, I have to ask myself – why am I here?

For many years I have bemoaned the corporate practices of Gamestop. Pushy employees, terrible customer service, terrible pricing on used games, the list goes on. Yet like an abused housewife, I keep going back to Gamestop. Very rarely do they seem to miss out on a sale to me. In the past year, the only sale they lost was Street Fighter 4 in 2009. I think. Time and time again, I sheepishly walk into GameStop, cash (or card) in hand, to procure my next video treat. Why is that?

My local GameStop isn’t actually that bad. I had some trouble with the ones in Pittsfield and Holyoke. I didn’t like them that much. The staff were kind of jerks. I got tired of hearing the spiels. Yet at the one I generally go to in Waltham, I can go in and out, get what I want, and be done with it. The guys are pretty helpful too. They’ve managed to somehow find the line between obnoxious and invisible.  It’s shocking, actually.

For instance, when I needed to get a Harvest Moon DS for my sister, the guys in the Watertown GameStop helped me sift through the games and find it. This shouldn’t amaze me, but it does.

Online preorder to pick up in store actually works. Why can’t other stores get this straight?

They actually have stuff on release day to buy. A lot of other stores tend to be a bit lax about this. GameStop’s basically the only store you could walk in at lunchtime and buy something that came out on that day.

Semi-obscure stuff is generally available. Like said Harvest Moon DS.

Yes, this is why I still give them my money even though they occasionally do dumb things. I wish it were another way. I’ve been buying stuff from the train of Babbage’s/EB/GameStop for years. I don’t see myself getting off of it.

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  1. Avatar_Mom

    I have said the same thing to myself. Unfortunately, the Gamestops in my area have less attitude than the other game boutique’s that I like to wander into. Then and Now Video Games is one of the few places that doesn’t turn up their noses when I walk in.

    You would think places would want to exploit my need to pacify my nerdlings with mind numbing sights and sounds so I can get back to reading tabloids… /sarcasm

    Do you have any better luck with Best Buy?

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