At first, I thought Harmony of Despair wouldn’t be very fun. Re-used sprites? Recycled maps conglomerated into strange mutation of their former selves? I wasn’t sure how it would work out.

Turns out it’s actually pretty fun. Get four or five guys into one game, all playing different characters, and you’ve got a medieval wrecking crew on your hands. All of the characters offer something a little different. I’ve been playing Alucard, and I enjoy his all-around play style. He’s got a little bit of everything. I’ve enjoyed some of his specialty weapons, like the Holbein Dagger (AKA Stabby Knife) and the Vorpal Blade (Stabby Knife Mark 2). I’ve also acquired a set of knuckles which inflict DEATH PUNCHIES upon enemies, and can also shoot a hadoken!

Plus, the music is rockin’ too. Yes, some of it is not entirely new, but it’s all good.

I wouldn’t recommend buying the game if you’re just going to play single player mode. It’s okay, but it really comes into its own with multiplayer. It shouldn’t be too hard to peer pressure your friends into buying it. It worked on me and my friends!

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