Instant Replay in Baseball

I’ll make this brief.

1. Baseball needs a more expanded form of replay. If the umpires aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to call the game, then they should be forced to be “watched over.” Time and time again, the current umpires prove that they are failing at  difficult job. There’s ways to do this that won’t slow the game down at all. Many have suggested the “eye in the sky” umpire with the army of video screens that can augment the on-field officials. It gives more umpires jobs and helps things move along instead of having to have the on-field officials go into a dank room.

2. Had the umpires not been so terrible and actually willing to convene with others on the field, many of these situations could be avoided.

3. People don’t watch baseball for “the human element of umpiring.” Please. All umpires need to do are confirm on-field events. They should be embracing technology instead of shunning it to make their jobs (and the rest of our lives) easier.

The sooner people develop strategies to handle this, the faster baseball can right itself. Without some kind of change, terrible events in baseball will continue to happen due to incompetence or malice. You can’t use replay on everything, obviously, but where feasible we should try to introduce it to make sure the true events on-field be reflected in box scores. Umpires may say that replay will “show them up,” but IMO nothing shows up an umpire more than one being wrong.


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