Flying things

I currently have a fly in my apartment that I’m trying to kill. It’s been bothering me for the past day or so. Rolled up newspapers and fly swatters aren’t doing the job. I think it’s time to investigate of them there fly traps.

I don’t know why I have such a hatred towards flying bugs.

It’s not the same kind of hatred that I have of spiders. Spiders are the kind of deep, dark, creepy crawly inspiring hatred. They’re devious. Offing them is more of a smokeout, and they’re fairly easy to kill. You usually only run into yellowjackets and such outdoors, and then you can defend yourself with something like Raid. Death to stingers with extreme prejudice. Flies, though, they’re just annoying. You can’t just shoo them, they move too fast to swat, and just when you think you offed one, another comes along.

People keep trying to invent better mousetraps. Why not invent a better fly trap for indoor use?

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