Lime Crush

I have both a gum post and a soda post in the span of a week, when I haven’t had either in a long time. What’s the deal with that!?

Anyway, Lime Crush is out. In an attempt (perhaps misguided) to expand their flavor palette, Crush has gone with the under-represented lime fruit as their latest flavor. There’s not too many pure lime sodas out there. Most of the time, this fruit has to share the spotlight with lemon in a less pure take on the lime flavor.

Crush Lime’s bottle is your standard transparent Pepsi-style bottle, with a neon green lime label. You won’t miss this mutagen-color drink from a mile away, that’s for sure. This is really a hallmark of Crush soda, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they turned the saturation knob up to eleven.

Unfortunately, Crush Lime doesn’t really work in the taste department. It’s ultra sweet, and the lime flavor is… well, not really recognizable. There’s no sour or tart bite to it at all, which I expect in a lime drink. It’s sort of like taking the Moutnain Dew-ness away from Mountain Dew Distortion and leaving the faux lime additive behind. It just doesn’t work. Had they made a sour beverage with some actual, you know, lime flavor, it would have probably worked. Alas, it is a skip in my book.

Maybe I should try Goya lime soda, if they have it. Maybe it’s more realistic.

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