Orbit Tropical Remix

I haven’t done a gum post in a long time, but that’s because there hasn’t been many new gums out lately. When shopping on Sunday I noticed that there was a new flavor of Orbit, tropical remix, and I decided to pick it up since I needed a break from my usual sweet mint.

The gum’s basically Orbit’s old Citrus Mint, but with slightly different packaging. I can’t really taste the difference between this and what Citrus Mint used to be. I guess it might be Citrus Mint with a hint of pineapple thrown in? But I can’t really tell. For all intents and purposes, Tropical Remix IS Citrus Mint.

Now, that’s not a bad thing, I liked Citrus Mint. So if you’re on the lookout for  your orange gum fix, Tropical Remix should play right in to your hand. Don’t expect a totally new flavor. Just roll with the delicious orange gum goodness.

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