Five Guys

Yesterday, after visiting Nashua airport to see some warbirds and Cessnas, my friend Jeff and I went to Five Guys to procure some hamburgers and fries. I had never been to a Five Guys before, so I figured it would be a nice opportunity to rate them.

When you walk in, you’ll notice that there’s crates of peanuts, peanut oil, potatoes, etc. all over the restaurant. Part of their chic, I bet. Still, this meant you could have some free peanuts by scooping some out of a nearby box into a provided container. A nice little snack while you’re waiting for your burger and fries.

I ordered a “little” bacon cheeseburger, which is Five Guys parlance for a single quarter pound beef patty. You can put a bunch of toppings on for no extra charge. I chose some pickles, lettuce, onions and barbecue sauce. Jeff ordered a large fries for us to share, since the large fries come in a big paper cup. Perfect for sharing. The regular sized drink is perfectly fine, and since there’s free refills, why would you ever pay for the bigger drink?

Service was fairly expedient. Burgers come served in a brown bag, wrapped in foil. The “little” burger was perfectly fine for me in terms of size since there was plenty of lettuce, pickles and onions on it. The beef is a little on the skinny side, but was flavorful and tender. A Wild Willy’s burger is probably about the same size as their regular burger, which is really two of those quarter pound beef patties on top of each other. The pickles were cut dill slices, which were fine. Overall the toppings were fresh and not much to quibble about at all.

The fries were excellent. Crispy crunchy outside with soft potato inside, but without that breaded fry taste. They felt like steak fries, except in a normal fry cut. There was certainly plenty for three people (Jeff, myself, and his roommate) to share. A normal person should get a small fries. There are also cajun fries, but Jeff said they were simply the regular fries with some cajun spice mix, so I’m not sure how different they would wind up being to the normal ones.

Overall, Five Guys is pretty good. I wouldn’t rank it above Wild Willy’s, but in terms of national burger joints, it’s pretty damn high up there and would be the first on my list to go to.

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