This post is late. But for a good reason!

Today’s blog post is late because I had to drive back late from my parents’ house. They were celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary, and like good sons and daughter, we all got together to have a dinner and cake. Of course, it wouldn’t be a family get together without a little bullshit and friction, but in the end we pulled together, had a good time, and really felt like we gave back a bit to the parents that we, admittedly, were probably not 100% best of children to. But that’s the role of a child, you know, push the boundaries and see what you can do while a parent pushes back.

One cool thing I did see this weekend was a few Army Black Hawks doing touch-and-goes on runway 32 at Pittsfield Municipal Airport. It was completely unexpected, as I saw them on a city street and figured that they’d be heading airport way. So I stopped out at the airport and saw them do a cool set of touch and goes, bouncing off the Pittsfield runway. It was pretty neat, and makes me wish there was a warbird or some other kind of show there for people to see now and then.

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