The Final Top Chef Thoughts

This should have been posted yesterday, but whatever. The season finale, in terms of food, was great to watch. They really did cook their butts off. Some very imaginative dishes were put forward by all the contestants.

I guess I am personally not enthused about Kevin’s winning. He just doesn’t feel like a “Top Chef” to me. But he did cook the best dishes of the finale, so I do have to give him credit for that. The dessert he put forward was really imaginative, and I would love to taste a delicious fruit cup like that.

I guess, in the end, I’m just done with this season. I can’t even put forth the effort to complain, because at this point the time’s already spent watching and digesting the show. I just hope next season has less petty bullshit, but if Just Desserts is any indicator, the bullshit factor might just ratchet up a bit.

Bring on another Masters. I need me some RIPPER and The Wax Man.

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