Dunkin Donuts Hot Cider

I purchased a cup of hot cider at Dunkin Donuts today. They also have Iced Cider, which I have not tried yet.

I have three words: watery and mediocre. I was expecting something with a richer flavor. It had a spiced cider type of flavor, yes, but it was way too thin. It didn’t help that it was served to me boiling hot. I had to wait ten minutes before I could actually drink my drink. They do this with hot chocolate too. Might as well call that volcanic chocolate given that it could give your tongue blisters.

In short, I wasn’t impressed with the cider even though I was looking forward to it. I’ll have to try the iced cider to see how it stacks up. I don’t think either will unseat hot chocolate as my standard Dunkin beverage of choice. If only they’d bring back the Milky Way hot chocolate. I was a huge fan of that.

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