Top Chef Thoughts for September 8

Well, Top Chef’s gone INTERNATIONAL!  That’s right, this year’s finale is being held in Singapore. I don’t know much about Singapore, other than it’s a city-state on the edge of the Malaysian peninsula. Don’t know much about the cuisine, unfortunately. The good news is that this episode was chock full of great food and cooking. Where has this cooking BEEN all season? Unfortunately, there’s no real personality for me to get behind. With Tiffany gone, it’s dullsville and douchebags. Great.

The quickfire granting immunity didn’t sit well with me. On the one hand, it did allow for some more gamesmanship from Ed. On the other hand, it made the other players work “not to lose.” Strangely, this doesn’t usually work, but the contestants somehow made it work. I thought it was just a little cheap having only three potential “go homes” to worry about. Thankfully for Ed’s sake he cooked fantastic dishes and kicked serious ass in the elimination, even though he had immunity. Even though he was extremely abrasive about it, I have to admit it was nice to see Ed beat Angelo at his own Asian game.

Also, it was very nice to have an extended Top Chef again. I don’t recall us having a 1:15 episode all season long, and it was refreshing to not feel like we’re rushing through at a frantic pace. It actually gave more weight to the frantic serving sequence, in which I felt bad for both the chefs and the servers. Having truly English fluent servers would have made things go much better for the chefs.

Next week is the finale finale, and I hope Angelo doesn’t win. Guy kinda creeps me out.

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