Lightroom 3.2 and Lens Profiles

Adobe’s 3.2 update for Lightroom has added a bunch of profiles, mostly for Tamron lenses. Fortunately, two of my most used lenses are the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8. Profiles for both have been provided, and oh boy. The improvement on images for the 17-50 with distortion/vignette correction alone is significant. Combine it with the fact that I never have to fiddle with chromatic aberration sliders again and it’s a complete, utter winner. It’s too bad it came AFTER I processed all of my vacation photos. I’ll probably have to reupload them with the fixes. Drat!

The 70-200 profile is something I was hoping would automate my chromatic aberration correction. Unfortuantely, on images in the middle of the zoom range it seems to do a poor job, in some cases making the image worse! At the extremes it seems to do well. Still, this lens has less need of a profile than the 17-50.

I’m glad Tamron stepped up to the plate to provide profiles for their lenses. Now if only Adobe would work on a few Sony lenses… *cough* 11-18DT and 70-400 G *cough*

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  1. Not sure why but Adobe seem to be going out of their way to leave Sony out in the cold.

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