Bachelor chow!

Here’s a great recipe for bachelor chow that you can make right in your own home! Kids, if you’re too young to use a stove, always remember to ask an adult for help!

You’ll need two ingredients.

1. A box of Macaroni and Cheese. Any kind will do. Cheap, fancy, it doesn’t matter to us!

2. A package of ham steaks. Not too much ham, but enough for a good macaroni to meat ratio.

Make your macaroni and cheese per the directions in the box. Then cook the ham steaks per the directions on the package, or to taste. Cut up the ham steaks into small bits, and then mix it in with the macaroni and cheese. Ta-da! You’ve got a tasty, easy-to-make dinner to serve two, or serve one twice!

Don’t forget to combine your bachelor chow with a nice, cool Pepsi Throwback for the perfect beverage pairing! It’s THAT easy!

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