Top Chef Thoughts for Sept. 1

First order of business.

I’m going to miss Tiffany. She seemed like someone that I could get behind with no real regrets. I am sad to see her go. Alas, this is a cruel game filled with twists of fate. Tiffany’s fate was to simply make a good dish on a night where everyone else was great. The finals just won’t be as good without her.

Also, Kevin’s getting on my nerves. I’d love for him to be the next to go home. An Ed/Angelo/Kelly finale would be a worthy thing to watch. I do not want to see Kevin pull another Hosea.

The Quickfire was straightforward – match a dish and wine. This has been done before, and these kinds of challenges are foreign to me, because I’m not a wine guy, and pairings are not really up my alley. I would have to defer to the experts on this one, as I have no idea to the relative judgments. Still, I can buy that a merlot would not pair well with quail. A merlot is a bold, strong flavor while a quail is really a more delicate protein. You’d want to match a savory protein with a merlot, I’d guess. That’s about it.

I do have to admit that I really liked how this episode turned out. The NASA theme was a great choice, and I liked the idea of making food that could go into SPACE! The contestants really embraced the challenge and produced some unique dishes. Something that has been bothering me throughout this season is that I just haven’t had a ton of enthusiasm for it. You might have noticed that the blog posts for this season are quite a bit different than the ones I was writing for Masters. The contestants are blander than Season 6, and the dishes are less exciting. If we had episodes like this all season long, I’m guessing my excitement level would be higher.

Also, I posit that Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert should be at every judge’s table. These guys play so well off of each other that it’s a crime that you don’t see them too often.

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