The Other (other) M

You know, I shouldn’t judge things before I play them. But nearly every indicator I’ve seen is telling me that Metroid: Other M is going to be what the Spaniards call el terrible. This is highly hypocritical of me. After all, Bionic Commando had many problems that I either excuse or gloss over because I love Bionic Commando. I went into that game hoping for the best, and actually did find a lot to enjoy. But there were some really, really, REALLY fucking stupid things in that game.

But nearly every thing I’m seeing about this game before I buy it is a boneheaded or wrong move. Bionic Commando only had one of those things – the dreadlocks, and you could fix that with the Classic skin. The other flaws (missable collectibles, radiation that kills you too quickly, stupid plot) were all hidden pretty well until I actually played the damn thing. And, for the most part, those two things didn’t inhibit the core swinging gameplay. Plus, the plot was all right up till the very end. It didn’t really tick a lot of my “rage” boxes.

But Other M has already ticked several of my rage checkboxes. It has Adam, whom I loathe. It has Adam arbitrarily witholding you from things you already have (instead of you gaining abilities). It has the Samus as Mommy complex. It has terrible, flat, wooden writing and voice acting from the trailers and videos I’ve seen. People who have played the game are not giving me good outlooks on that front.

Then there’s the gameplay. That’s where it’s a more subtle distinction. I like the idea of switching between the 2D an 3D plane. What I don’t like is the lack of nunchuck controls. Turning the wiimote from “NES style” to pointer seems to be a little awkward. Plus, having a game designer a little too stubborn to allow multiple styles of control is part of it too. I also hate holding the Wiimote sideways.

I really want to give the game a chance. After all, I suppose I’ve played worse. But you have to wonder what the guys making it are thinking by making it MORE like the least popular entry in the franchise. Perhaps we’ve grown too far apart in our travels in life. I’ll play the game at some point. Maybe I’ll even start up GameFly again so I can avoid giving them the satisfaction of actually earning money from it, but not the ire they’d send my way if I pirated it.

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