You’re Standing On My Neck

I think back in May or so the Daria complete series DVDs were released. I’ve finally gotten them on my Netflix queue, for I was too broke to actually buy them for a period of time. Now that they’ve actually arrived at my house and I’ve had a good chance to rewatch a show I probably spent too much of the 90s watching, I’ve started to remember a lot of things.

I’ve also forgotten a few things too, like how much of the gags I didn’t get at the time. I was a teenager in high school during the show’s prime, and it’s target demographic. Having an extra twelve years or so on your teenage self helps a lot in getting things, I guess. Still, a lot of the gags from before still resonated, with Jake still being the biggest laugh-getter from me. His perpetual victimization and personalty lead to strange non-sequiturs like thinking every insightful quote was from Thomas Jefferson.

I think it’s funny that MTV bankrolled Daria, considering that the channel has changed so much these days and probably wouldn’t make another show like it again. It’s such a great send-up of high school life, and it’s not afraid to poke holes in the main character’s logic and worldview either.

The one real bummer about the DVD set is that all of the music has been replaced with strange soundalikes due to licensing issues. Daria never had much of an original soundtrack; much of the original music was instead actual songs during the time the show was being produced. I hear that the series creator put an apology note inside the DVD box set for this situation, which I thought was a nice gesture. In the choice of Daria with no soundtrack or no Daria at all, which would you choose? Ultimately I watched the show for the writing, not the songs, so it’s an easier decision for me to make. Not that the music wasn’t critical to the show, but it wasn’t the soul of it.

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