Top Chef Thoughts for August 18

So, I want to issue a formal apology to Tiffany. I believe I underestimated her quite a bit early in this season, just like I did with Carla in Season 5. She’s been quietly producing, hasn’t been in the bottom, and has shown some real imagination. This week she hits it out of the park again, both in the Quickfire and in the Elimination Challenge. I’m one for giving props where it’s due, and it’s well due for Tiffany. She’s moved up several slots in my pecking order.

I wasn’t a fan of the “disguise” challenge, namely because there wasn’t much room for surprise, unless they went for meatcake. The core ingredients will arrange in certain ways to make a dish that somehow retains the spirit. In either case, taste ruled the day, and even a poorly disguised dish (Ed’s) wound up being on the top heap.

I’m not joyous over Alex’s departure, but it does mean I get to hear less complaining about him and see less of his buffoonery. Definite addition by subtraction there. Now, of course, we’re left with the rest of the field, which feels like a bunch of mavericks who could come out in any different order on any given week. This isn’t the four cheftestants of the apocalypse here.

I’m kind of punting this week, but my thoughts are that I’m probably going to be on the Tiffany train from now on. Choo choo!

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