I’ve Seen It, and now I can’t Un-See It!

I’ve been doing new documentation art and covers at work. There’s something in our logo that I’ve never noticed until now, because I’ve never actually looked this closely at it. But now, I can’t NOT see it. It’s forever there. I’ll have to go and tweak every one of the logo files to get rid of it.

Here’s a visual aid.

You've seen it! You can't UN-See it!

You've seen it! You can't UN-See it!

There’s a kink in the curve. It’s probably been there since the dawn of time. A small handle tweak in Illustrator fixed it. But it was staring me in the face all these years. Simply amazing that I never noticed it until I actually took a look at it while making yet another new cover. Amazing how something so small and tiny can drive me absolutely bonkers.

I suppose you could say it wasn’t obvious until it was scaled up to the size necessary to use on the cover, but hey. You callin’ me blind or something?

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