Extra Fruit Sensations Sweet Tropical Gum

While I was on vacation in Montana, I had the opportunity to try a new (to me, at least) flavor of Extra Fruit Sensations. That flavor is Sweet Tropical, a combination of orange, pineapple, and grapefruit flavors in one convenient stick.

The Extra Fruit Sensations packaging is a less expensive version of the packaging introduced with 5 gum and is now standard across all Wrigley’s flavors, replacing the old “Plen-T-Pak” style of 25 sticks stacked on top of each other. Standard process color printing on the outside, and a white interior with none of the fripperies of the 5 package like embossing. It’s perfectly serviceable and functional while also having a good outer design. All of the Extra packaging has now mimicked what was introduced in Fruit Sensations a few years ago, giving a consistent look.

The gum itself tastes really good. Like the other Fruit Sensations flavors, Sweet Tropical manages to get a punchy, long lasting flavor without resorting to crystals or other gimmicks.  I would say that I tasted more of a orange grapefruit flavor than a pineapple flavor, but to say it’s a gum version of Hawaiian Punch might be fair. I think it might knock Sweet Watermelon down as my favorite Fruit Sensations flavor. The only problem appears to be that I can’t find it in the northeast! None of my local grocers or pharmacies seem to carry it. Perhaps it just hasn’t made it over here yet.

So far all of the Fruit Sensations flavors (save for Berry Pearadise) have been very good to excellent. With a flavor profile like this, Wrigley has managed to improve their gum without gimmicks.

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