Top Chef Thoughts for August 11

Well, that certainly was interesting.

I was on board the Kenny train early in the season, as he seemed a skillful alternative to the (in my opinion) unpleasant Angelo. Unfortunately, it looks like Kenny’s ego has gotten the better of him and was his downfall in this episode. When he felt that he wasn’t matching up to Angelo or others, he fell into the classic trap of trying to do more, more, more. It’s been a constant criticism when he’s been on the bottom the past few weeks. Kenny’s needed to edit his dishes to keep some really good ingredients and themes together instead of trying to play too many fields. Jacks of all trades tend to be masters of none.

Kenny did a good job as executive chef, at least by what the editing shows us. But screwing up not just one but two dishes is a surefire ticket home. Plus, cheese plates never seem to work very well in Top Chef.

On the subject of Ed’s win, the lamb looked quite good and this guy’s had the chance to finally put up or shut up. A timely win shows that with this field of contestants it’s probably anybody’s game still. The only guarantee is Angelo, and even then he could flame out under his own hubris.

Incidentally, my opinion of Alex is that he’s a walking disaster and a ticking time bomb. He might be getting an unfair edit here, but I haven’t really seen much to like about this guy.


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