The Return of the Throwback, Again

We’ve got another six week run of Pepsi Throwback on our hands here. I love Throwback. It tastes so much better than regular Pepsi, I’d consider never drinking a Coca-Cola again if I could have a regular supply of this. So why does Pepsi keep doing this “Oh, back for six weeks, now it’s gone for six months” bullshit? I’m really tired of it. It’s a shame having a superior product being held back for stupid reasons. In this case, it would essentially be Pepsi saying “oops, we screwed up with this whole corn syrup thing.” We all know that executives and product management people can’t be made to look bad now, can we?

Yes, some people may prefer the taste of HFCS Pepsi. I’d say these people have no taste.

Now, I can see having both the “current” Mountain Dew and Throwback together at the same time. Modern Dew is so far removed from the old drink that they’re not really comparable. It’s almost like they’re two different drinks in terms of flavor. I don’t see HFCS and Throwback Pepsi in the same way, though. They’re essentially the same beverage, but the sweetener changes the complexion of the cola flavor significantly.

I’m not sure why Pepsi is averse to making money. Surely this limited time only things makes them less money than if they sold it year round? The only reason I can think of that they wouldn’t issue it year round is that it makes their current product that they’ve been hawking for the past thirty years look bad.

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