The Vacation Beard

I don’t shave when I’m on vacation. I’m on vacation, damnit. Men don’t need to shave on vacation. Especially when we’re out camping and such. So now, when I return from vacation, I have to flirt with shaving the rest of my face. Normally I have a goatee, but I let the whole face grow out on vacation. Once a year I usually flirt with the man-beard, as I call it. Most of the time it comes after vacation.

This is a fool’s errand, though, as keeping a proper man-beard trimmed and cut is harder than it looks, especially when you’re like me and you only have one good eye. Keeping both sides level without a series of mirrors can be quite the challenge. Then, once I get tired of taking care of it for a month, I’ll shave 80% of it off and go back to my goatee. It’s the cycle of beards.

My coworker who is currently off in Asia for his vacation will be back next week, and he made the same no-shaving credo. We’ll see what he comes back with. Have an old-fashioned beard-off, judged by Action Hank himself.

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