Top Chef Thoughts for August 4

I want to keep this brief, because yesterday’s episode was mostly a non-event. I liked the concept of the elimination challenge, and hope we see it again. I only wish that the ambassadors themselves played into the judging a bit, kind of like Top Chef Masters’ or Restaurant Wars’ comment cards.

I’m not at all sad to see Stephen go. The guy’s looked outmatched since day one. It’s kind of a shame, as reading about him before the show resulted in my thinking of him having a high pedigree. Alas, he just couldn’t seem to take the competition. It was almost like a mercy elimination. Really, beef with beans and rice isn’t going to keep you afloat here, especially if you botch the rice like he did. I’d still go to his restaurant, though. He seems like a guy that just can’t work under that kind of competition, and he was gracious in his exit.

Tiffany managed a Quickfire and Elimination win in the same episode, all while she had immunity. I’ve got to give her credit for not punting with immunity. She put forward the effort and the dish she made was worthy of winning. I wish more contestants would take their immunity and actually go out and try to win. If what you’re doing doesn’t work out, fine. You’re immune. If it does work, it makes you look even better than usual because you could have punted but chose not to.

Next week is Restaurant wars, and the preview is probably deceiving. It doesn’t surprise me that Angelo would kind of tank his team, though. We’ll have to see if it’s a costly mistake.

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