I use SmugMug to host my photos at The reason I went with them over Flickr or other services was because they remind me a lot about the company I work for. It’s a small, family owned business that focuses on customer support. Of course, that’s not what attracted me to them in the first place, but it was the proverbial icing on the cake, as it were.

The actual user interface on a SmugMug site is pretty darn good. Lots of thumbnails, big images that are easy to zoom in on (when the option is available), and a very prints-focused sales mechanism. I needed something that could sell prints, as opposed to Flickr which is kind of an online sharing kind of deal. I also didn’t like the lack of customizability and the sort of faceless “flickr user” that it wound up creating.

I don’t like gushing about the stuff I use, but it’s very hard not to with these guys. They got a lot of big features (like coupons and packages) out this year. When I wanted to try out the Pro level service, they simply gave it to me for the rest of my subscription year, banking on the fact that I’d like it so much that I’d happily pay for it. Well, it’s true, and I do. I don’t think I’d host my photos anywhere else.


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