My Creative Process

Here’s about how it goes.

Get great idea, think about how awesome it will be.

I then scribble out a few permutations of said idea on paper. Nothing too serious. I then proceed to crumple up all the papers and throw them into the trash. The ideas are all terrible, you see.

If it’s a writing idea, I might do some pithy backstory or other ‘world building” which takes a decent amount of time before I do any actual work on executing the idea itself.

If’ it’s a design, I’ll make a bunch of things on the computer that I’m not satisfied with after discarding all of my drawn ideas. I’ll wind up using the very last thing I think of which could either be an evolution of all the rejects or something completely different that just happens to work.

I then make a bunch of minor, inconsequential changes which will probably be reversed and un-reversed as time goes on.

Eventually I’ll have one of two outcomes – a bunch of work done with nothing to show for it, or something that’s the BEST THING EVER and nothing could ever be wrong with it.

Until I look at it the next day and decide it needs to be redone completely!

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